ecoTicket electronic ticketing system

ecoTicket electronic ticketing system is a Fare Management System covering pricing policy management, electronic tickets generation and validation, ticket printing, track management and monitoring, revenue management and reporting.

Its main goal is to translate the fares into concrete means of payment for the passenger and fare collection for the operator and also to create a fast and convenient way for passengers to pay for fares. Furthermore it offers a quick overview for the operator over the passenger flow and ticket sales.

The solution is comprised of:
  • On the BUS: online terminals (ex: tablets), cash register & fiscal printer, electronic e-ticket reader
  • In the cloud: a webserver for online data access and monitoring, a back-office solution for data management and reporting
The ecoTICKET product has the following scope:
  • Easy management of the bus fleet (tracks & routes)
  • Management of subscribers and subscriptions
  • e-ticket management and validation
  • Ticket printing and validation
  • Online reporting
With the aid of ecoTicket you will gain:
  • Easy control of the issued tickets
  • Quick verification of subscription availability
  • Quick generation of track reviews
  • Real-time checking of the fleet on your mobile phone and or desktop PC

Sales channels include on-board (usually only for single tickets), at vending machines or retail shops.

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