GPS tracking & monitoring Systems

GPS tracking & monitoring Systems is a software application processing, analyzing and filtering the collected data into a complete overview with events; it enables correct and informed decisions even with limited monitoring resources.

  • Web-based: easy access from any computer, any time through a web-browser
  • Real-time tracking: know the current position and status of any of your vehicles
  • Snail trail: see and analyze past data measured for a vehicle with exact route plotting and measurement correlation display
  • Custom events: By defining events for the measurements relevant to you the system will provide you only with notifications you need for your analysis
  • Remote Tachograf Downloads: mandatory downloads are done automatically from digital tachograpfs and a wide range of reports can be generated (561 drive offense report, Offenses, Work hours, Driver activity details report)
  • Reports: predefined events, consumption and other measurement statistics are supplied in a concise and friendly format
  • Routes ROI calculation: By collecting and combining the collected data for a defined route the system allows you to perform actual cost identification and analysis
  • Geofencing: you can define the acceptable boundaries of the area where your vehicles move and be alerted when they enter or leave it
  • Fleet management:  you can define and track data pertaining to your vehicles and drivers and be alerted before predefined events.
  • Long-term updates – the software fixes and improvements will be automatically transferred to the tracking device without a visit to the service.
  • Custom sensors can be connected to the hardware and their readings integrated in the reports of the web-based management application.
  • Connectivity (to third-party ERP systems): the cost components identified by the solution can be exported to your accounting and resource management software.
  • Customization of reports and business logic: if your business model applies specific methods and requires custom metrics, our solution can be customized to collect data and generate the reports accordingly.

GPS tracking & monitoring Systems Specifications

  • GPS localization
  • Digital tachograph download
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • FMS&CAN support
  • GPRS and Wireless communication
  • Driver Identification
  • Custom sensors
  • Communication
  • Web based
  • Real time tracking
  • Real time fuel based events
  • Geofencing
  • Fleet management
  • Predefined and custom events

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