GPS Based signal generator for tachographs

Would you like to avoid annoying questions? Stay legal with us!

According to the new regulations tachographs requires a secondary signal source generator independent from the wheel speed sensor.

TachoPulse is a speed-based signal-generating device designed for vehicles with tachographs. It provides a secondary source of motion for tachographs, required as of October 1st, 2012 by European Commission regulation no. 1266/2009. The device generates frequency impulses and CAN messages proportional with the speed of the vehicle using GPS. Due its double constellation receiver GPS and GLONASS, it is capable of producing quality signals even in heavily populated urban areas.
With two standard outputs, TachoPulse is easy to install and compatible with most tachographs on the market:

  • Frequency with voltage swing between the battery rails
  • CAN output according to the SAEJ1939 SPN904 Front axle speed message

How This System Will Help you?


  1. Control of your fleet
  2. Vehicle usage
  3. Your legal status


  1. Uncontrolled distance
  2. Tachograph frauds
  3. Uncontrolled driving time

TOP reasons to buy

  1. Keeps you legal
  2. Can be fitted to several tachographs models
  3. Compatible with CAN output according to the SAEJ1939 SPN904
  4. Front axle speed message
  5. Compatible with frequency input model tachographs
  6. Easy to install
  7. Wide supply range: 9..30V
  8. Sensitive GPS/GLONASS receiver
  9. Fixed k factor of 8000 pulses per km

TachoPulse -Secondary speed source for tachograps

tahoThe device features a dual constellation receiver, which will deliver a stable signal even in partly covered conditions. By losing the received signal (in tunnel for instance) it will keep its outputs according to the last condition for three minutes.

Basic characteristics

      • GPS module with dual constellation receiver GPS/GLONASS (SBAS WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN), with -163 dBm sensibility
      • Power supply: 10 ÷ 29V;
      • Frequency output, Open-Drain 0 ÷ Vbatt
      • CAN-interface with messages SAEJ1939 SPN904 “Front axle speed”
      • LED for indicating equipment’s state

Environmental conditions

      • Storage temperature: -40°C … +70°C
      • Storage moisture: 5 … 95 % (no condensable)
      • Working temperature: -25°C … +50°C 

Schema Ecomotive A4 TachoPULSE FOMCOTRADE

Oceur products are CE certified and complies with the following harmonized standards
Radiated RF emission test: 2004/104/EC ENECE 10/2012
Conducted transient on the DC power line : 2004/104/EC ENECE 10/2012
Immunity against RF radiation:  2004/104/EC UNECE 10/2012 (15V/m (20-80MHz), 25V/m (0.08GHz-2GHz) modulation AM and PM
Immunity against conducted transients: 2004/104/EC UNECE 10/2012, level III, pulse 1, 2a, 3a, 3b criteria  D

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