Solutions and Services


We fully realize that any product needs support, connectivity and extensibility. As a result we are completing our product with the following services:

  • Custom sensors can be connected to the hardware and their readings integrated in the reports of the web-based management application.
  • Connectivity (to third-party ERP systems): the cost components identified by the solution can be exported to your accounting and resource management software.
  • Customization of reports and business logic: if your business model applies specific methods and requires custom metrics, our solution can be customized to collect data and generate the reports accordingly.
  • Monitoring services: if your current personnel cannot perform the live monitoring of the data inflow, we can assist with identifying the events, filter the false warnings and help you make an informed decision.
  • Set-up/Installation/Service: Our network of experienced partners will install, configure and service the tracking devices on your vehicles.
  • Stand-alone installation: Should your company policies dictate a higher isolation of the measured data, the server collecting the tracking data can be installed on a server machine located on your premises.


  • Fleet management and tracking – by offering a complex and complete solution for GPS tracking and live monitoring of vehicles our goal is to support daily fleet activity optimization.
  • Realistic cost calculation and optimization – By performing hundreds of measurements per each route our solution enables its users to identify out-of-the-ordinary values, probable causes for higher costs and objective and realistic cost-per-distance calculations.
  • Event analysis, handling and notification – The large amount of raw data is automatically filtered through scientific algorithms, facilitating easy and painless event review and handling.